Looks like there were no copyright issues in the period of mythology

1.What is common between Jesus, Moses, and Krishna?
Kings tried to kill them when they were born.

Can an NLP program outperform a 3-year-old?

Instead of trying to produce a programme to simulate the adult mind, why not rather try to produce one which simulates the child’s?

— Alan Turing

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I was trying to develop an NLP algorithm to parse simple commands like
“Add me to the mailing group”
“Remove me from the mailing group”

After wrangling with Artificial Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural networks, Recurrent Neural Networks, Deep Learning, and the likes for some time and then being unable to understand even the first few paragraphs, I conceded failure. I then decided to develop my own simple poor man’s NLP implementation using some keyword-based…

பெண்ணாக பிறக்கும் ஆசை இருந்ததே இல்லை
உறங்கும் போது பசி வந்த என் மகள் , கண்களை திறக்காமலே
தன் அம்மா என்று நினைத்து, என்னிடம் முலைகளை தேடினாள் .

பெண்ணாக பிறக்கும் பேராசை வந்தது.

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I do not meditate for relaxation or mental health. Being a Saggitarius I have a curiosity to find The Truth and I am supposed to be more spiritual and less religious. Voila ! in spite of being brought up in a religious atmosphere I had zero reverence to the religious rituals and my religious friends take me for an atheist. I do believe in God, but the logical part of the brain wouldn’t accept an idol for God. Come on, He cannot be so plain.

Exploring God

I started exploring the concept of God in Hinduism and Advaita philosophy struck a chord…

Shanmugakannan NR

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